Basics Of A Creative Writing Lesson

A new student of creative writing will soon learn alot about this craft. The normal creative writing lesson is anything but normal.The differences in learning curves vary when taking this type of class . A good writer must have a firm grasp on technical aspects of writing such as spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, pacing and dialogue. From these guidelines can spring forth creativity and imagination. Think of the technical aspects as the foundation of a house, and the story as the exterior, both are necessary for a proper house. You cannot live in a house with no foundation, nor one that is a foundation only.

Teaching creative writing is a creative art form in and of itself. Instructors need to build creative writing lesson plans that impart the knowledge of what needs to be taught while stimulating the creativity of the students. There are so many different kinds of exercises, which teach so many different things. For example one exercise may teach you to write compelling dialogue while another may teach you to avoid passive voice when writing fiction. Some may ask you to write a short autobiography, or describe an object to the best of your ability.

Building believable characters is the focus of a few other creative writing skills. Some may go into specific genres of literature. Even nonfiction material can classify as creative writing as an article or book on a particular subject because there are so many slants a writer can take and so many ways to present the material. So some exercises may teach you how to put together a winning article for a magazine, ezine or newspaper. The only writing that is not necessarily creative are academic journals, textbooks and technical writing, such as product instructional manuals.

So, to begin learning or honing your creative writing skills on your own, grab a copy of a well known creative writing guide. These can be found in libraries and bookstores in abundance. Even if you are a student under the watchful eye of a competent instructor taking on some independent creative writing assignments can't hurt. The more you practice, the better you will become. Practice helps a writer find their unique voice as well as drives home the practical aspects of putting together a creative piece of writing. Every creative writing lesson you learn is another victory because you become a more confident writer who is learning valuable information about their chosen craft.


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